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There was a notion that traveling is just for those who can afford it… (We thought so, too!)

But, in our travel experiences, we’ve learned that traveling can be for anyone who has the desire to see places and experience different cultures! Furthermore, we learned that traveling is the best way to appreciate life more and have a greater understanding about other people and establish goodwill among us.

We firmly believe that God gave us the world to be enjoyed and explored. Thus, traveling should be part of our way of life as it adds more meaning and value to our lives.

With that in mind, we created Buhay Byahero Travels and Tours. It was founded with the genuine desire to help people connect to the world through traveling.

We are your reliable and go-to travel partner who will help you create the best vacation and achieve your travel goals by providing you a service with a sense of human touch and with a thoroughly discussed and custom-designed tours.

We will provide you with local knowledge so that you can immerse yourself into the culture of the place you’re visiting and get most out of that travel experience and from every hard-earned penny you’ve spent. We are friendly, easy to deal with and prompt to respond to your needs.

If you’re after a unique customer experience and someone who has utmost concern for your well –being, come to us.

So, let’s start exploring every corner of the globe together and create a life well lived!



Dulce May Tigol
Your Travel Partner

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